It was a great pleasure to deliver this bespoke ‘Compliance and Beyond’ course to the office staff at West Nautical this week. We have looked at the ISM Code, SOLAS, MARPOL and the MLC and linked them all to West Nautical’s own new SMS.

“West Nautical’s yacht management division undertook training this week with Kate Gillespie of KG Maritime upon completion of their annual Internal Audit. With a view to having a greater understanding of Flag, Class and commercial certification for yachts along with the consequences of the requirements not being adhered too, the training was deemed a huge success with regards to familiarising the team with their individual roles within the companies emergency response procedure.

The two day course entailed the team acting out various scenarios along with summarising the contents and certificates required by applicable conventions. Head of Compliance Peter Edwards said ‘the team working exercises were really enjoyable, members of staff working together to solve the various problems. Developing staff skills is key to the West Nautical training policy.’

Managing Director Geoff Moore said ‘This sort of training is invaluable for the team. We are all used to working as individuals, busy with our own duties and daily responsibilities. Having someone with the skills, enthusiasm and maritime background of Kate coming into the office and spending time on a one-to-one basis as well as conducting team exercises has brought the department closer together, and we will certainly see the benefit of it should a real situation arise’.

Further training sessions are planned during the year with the next training session being based around risk management and root cause analysis.”


I’m looking forward to working with you all again soon.