In August 2015 Picaroon, a company formed by KG Maritime’s Kate Gillespie was approached by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MMTB) (UK Chamber of Shipping) to produce an exemplar of maritime e-learning. The maritime education sector is keen to embrace emerging technologies to enhance classroom learning.

In collaboration with shipping industry stakeholders it was agreed to focus on Hours of Rest which is not only a contentious issue but an essential area of study for all maritime students

The vision of the project was to design a module which could showcase the potential to replace passive e-learning through a developmental approach which seeks to enhance the learner experience through the application of technology enhanced learning underpinned by an effective pedagogical rationale.

The aim is to engage students in active, challenging and engaging e-learning using realistic, real-world, scenario and action based e-learning, underpinned by the development of enquiry, problem solving and team working skills.