Kate Gillespie is please to accept the post of External Verifier for SQA’s maritime courses.
An External Verifier is responsible for external verification and qualification approval activities under the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

The prime role is to participate in verification of qualifications in the subject area(s) concerned to ensure that standards are maintained.

These activities will be under the direction of the Senior External Verifier and staff from SQA’s Internal Assessment Delivery and Quality Assurance and Qualification Development directorates as appropriate.

Outline of duties

  • Participate in central verification events, carry out external verification visits and/or participate in postal verification visits as required
    Participate in prior verification of centres’ internally devised instruments of assessment
    Participate in approval, post approval and development visits to centres
    Assist Internal Assessment Delivery and Quality Assurance staff with policy and subject specific enquiries from centres, and SQA officers
    Deliver and participate in external verifier training events
    Complete CPD and submit to SQA as required
    Additionally, External Verifiers may be asked to undertake the following activities. These activities will attract additional payments
    Act as a Vetter for internal assessment materials in the subject area concerned
    Participate in SQA organised events where External Verifier input is required
    Contribute to the Understanding Standards activities