Welcome to Superyacht: Focus

Some of the following pages are accessed by password and can be set up for individual companies to run and monitor on-board training and the implementation and IMPROVEMENT of SMS procedures.

Each month your crews will be faced with a scenario pertinent to the Superyacht industry and challenged to explore their own knowledge and assess the suitability of company ISM systems.

A yacht’s captain has five responsibilities under the ISM code; these are to: –

  • implement the safety and environmental protection policy of the Company;
  • issue appropriate instructions and orders in a clear and simple manner;
  • verify that specified requirements (of the SMS) are observed; and
  • periodically review the SMS and report its deficiencies to the shore-based management.

These pages, and the supporting monthly eNewsletter that accompanies them, will help the companies, captains and crew develop the skills needed to achieve these responsibilities, and provide EVIDENCE that your company is satisfying these ISM requirements.