“West Nautical command and Control course is well structured with good course content and excellent practical instruction. Debriefs were concise, detailed and informative. The Simulator and facilities were excellent and brought a real sense of authenticity. On many levels the course was tailored to the ability and experience of the masters taking part.”

“I would highly recommend this course to any new bridge team or operations team looking to practice yacht operations and add a touch of fitness to the exciting operational skills.”
Richard Goche – Captain

“The simulator training was fantastic. These types of training exercises are a must for us as Captains, I felt I learnt a lot from particular scenarios and incidents that were given to us, we forget from time to time that these things can happen and we need to have this type of training to refresh us and remind us of what practice we put in place when we are on our own yachts. We often forget that anything can happen at sea and this was an ideal way to check how we react under pressure. The scenarios were realistic and tested us to the extreme. It also reminded us of the duty of care we owe to our crew, guests and owners both at sea and in port. I have worked for large Management companies for over 13 years in the industry and I have not ever been offered this type of training before, I will be highly recommending this to other Captains to join next year”.
Jean-Marc Bitouzet – Captain

“My last three simulator sessions have all been based on navigation and the “rules of the road”. This course focused on management decisions and communication skills and I found it very beneficial. The team at West Nautical has thought of everything that may cause problems at sea and then added even more pressure to really test us. I’m confident that the lessons learned here will be remembered always. I’m very impressed.”
Daniel George – Captain

“Being in a Masters role with over 30 years’ command experience, it was an interesting exercise to join the bridge and support the role of another Captain and observe how the crew operate in these scenarios, there is a lot to take back from this. It was great to be involved with the young team at West Nautical, great personalities and good knowledge of the industry”.
Hefin Rowlands – Captain

“The Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) is pleased to award West Nautical Ltd ‘Course Recognition’ for its Yacht Captain’s Command and Control Simulator course. Glenys Jackson, MNTB Head commented: ‘Following a rigorous process, West Nautical has demonstrated that their course meets the MNTB’s exacting criteria for good practice in training course provision. This new Course Recognition Service that we are offering to the industry will enable any company that provides training to hold its head up in the market place and above its competitors, as its training has been recognised by an impartial industry body as meeting our good practice guidelines for quality training provision.”
Merchant Navy Training Board

“Very good experience. Really helped to understand the management office’s role during an incident onboard.”
Piers French – Captain

“It is something that should be mendatory. Those are situation we are not going into but can happen. It sets us up to see how we would react. Having other Captains set also a benchmarks and the different experiences are a good help to improve ourselves.”
Jean-Marc Bitouzet – Captain

“Highly recommended to captains and senior crew members”.
Nigel Bigwood – Captain

“Before this course the commercial NAEST Management Simulator training was the best I had in my career, this week beat it.”
Daniel Hodgson – Chief officer

“Despite my age and experience we are never too late to learn new things and I did on this  course. Thanks to all that attended. Both NW, Simulator staff, nurses and the other Captains.  A Captain that knows it all is a dangerous Captain”.
Hefin Rowlands – Captain

“The course is very well organised and achieves all the goals considering the command and control abilities on the bridge and on board.” 
Martin Mavrodiev – Captain

“Exceeded expectation. West Nautical have a great team and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you all in the future.”
Craig Thurlbourn – Captain